The Streamers


Azlynn plays Overwatch, Apex, Flash Flash Revolution and other games as well. She streams often and has plenty of interesting stuff going on. Go check out her twitch and say Hi. She will always appreciate the extra love.


Frankie can usually be found streaming Destiny 2 or WOW but has other interesting games as well. Nice voice too ;). Go stop by his channel and say hello, he loves what he does and it shows. What are you waiting for hit that button.


Vermeer is one happy guy! He plays music live and always makes it a banger of a time. If you love good music then you NEED to check him out. He also has guests some times. If nothing else his dancing will sell you in seconds. Go tap on his stream and enjoy!


This guy is a big nurd! He streams FPS games like Valorant, Counter Strike, and the occasional other game genres. He is even known to play with viewers from time to time. All around a nice guy and funny from time to time. Go tell him hes a Nurd.


OneGuy is always doing something interesting! Recently he has been big into streaming his steps into the art world and trying new things. He has a great community and great disposition. He even has a dog guest on stream sometimes :O


Flash Flash Revolution

Flash Flash Revolution is a music rhythm game. With over 2000 songs you will always find songs you love to hear AND play. With your trusty keyboard you must hit the arrows in time with the music, easy to do but tough to master. The community has been around for a long time and is always willing to help a new player get into this exciting game. If you like music and games this is for you!

FFR Discord

This is where most of FFR hangs out. The community is large and there is always events, updates, memes, art, help and so much more going on here. The community is extremely fun and unorthodox so just on in and enjoy yourself. You will always find something new here and someone new with new players joining every day! What are you waiting for? Come on now. Take the plunge and dive right in.


Casual Mature Gamers

Casual Mature Gamers is a steam community that strives to create a welcoming community to get together play games talk about pretty much anything and always have a good time. The group is a great way to find friends and new games all the time. The host servers for CSGO but also have options to expand to other games as well. Go ahead dont be shy, go sign up to become a member today!!

CMG Discord

This is of course the CMG disord. Here you can find people to join your game or join theirs. We have plenty of memes and bad jokes to go around. You'll also find an active staff and developer team that will help with most any problem you may be experiencing game related or not. This is a great place to relax and have a good time with some fun and goofy people. Always open anyone.